Extinction Rebellion

Presence of Extinction Rebellion in the European media before the European elections
By Rogelio Fernández-Reyes, 05,05,2019
What is the presence of Extinction Rebellion in the European media before the next elections, as proponents of the declaration of the climate emergency? We choose the two most popular newspapers in the five most populated countries: The Guardian and The Times (United Kingdom), Le Monde and Le Figaro (France), Süddeutsche Zeitung and Die Tageszeitung (Germany), La Reppublica and Corriere della Sera (Italy) ), and El País and El Mundo (Spain). And we took the data about the presence in the first quarter of the terms «climate change», «réchauffement climatique», «klimawandel», «cambiamenti climatici» and «cambio climático», respectively, with the Factiva search engine. Then we analyze the presence of «Greta Thunberg» inside them.
                                                                                Graph 1.- References to «climate change»
                                                                              Graph 2.- References to «Extinction Rebellion»
                                                                    Graph 3.- Percentage of references to «Extinction Rebellion»      

The first graph shows the difference in the presence of «climate change» in two main media in each country. UK stands out with a greater volume of coverage. It is followed by Germany, Spain, France and Italy.

The second and third graphics show that «Extinction Rebellion» is present, above all, in the newspapers of the United Kingdom. And little in Spain, Germany and France. In Italy it does not appear.






Extinction Rebellion has had a strong influence in April in UK

By Rogelio Fernández-Reyes, 05,05,2019

In The Guardian, Extinction Rebellion has been present in 22% of the articles in which appeared «climate change» (99 in the 431 articles) and in The Times the proportion has been 36% (109 in 297), according to the Factiva search engine.

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